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SkillDNA is an interactive platform that you can use to find out all related skills needed for a certain job. The system has advanced machine learning and AI algorithms to make sure that will identify the gap between skills and market needs.

Developing a product concept during the Product Design Sprint workshop, build the perfect UX & UI of the platform to present the bill in an easy to understand way, setting up the environment with DevOps practices so that the product is fast and scalable, Implementing React for interactive web components, for smooth and beautiful animations, creating a chatbot to Integrating with developers to ensure maintained direct communication with Students, Putting the best practices in project management in place to pursue the project along with ongoing changes, aligning the students' needs and building a product that embodies their vision. Specifically, making sure nothing is lost in the process.

  • build a platform from scratch (website, chatbot, and mobile app)

  • Hire a CTO to start to appear to transfer the software to the next level.

  • build a development strategy including feature list, technology stack, estimate, and solutions to the main challenges.

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