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Hive offers the service of matching Captains with families To deliver kids to school back and forth.

Ztecnium Transform Hive idea into a product by choosing the right technology solutions and launching web & mobile app successfully, Innovate responds to dynamic market needs and stay ahead of the competition, craft excellent user experiences by creating website & mobile app that allow users to manage them needs successfully, building trust among investors and quickly create a successful MVP, become a digital standard by standing out from the digital market and make the website & mobile app the benchmark for real-life solutions. Create a secure, avoid data leaks and reputational risks by staying in line with best-in-class security standards, and finally growing Hive website & mobile app continuously by choosing flexible solutions to add new features that cater to the changing needs of your users and market.

  • Build a platform from scratch (website & mobile app).

  • Hire a CTO to start to appear to transfer the software to the next level.

  • Clients received a solution that is ready to use, scalable, and responds to the required business objective.

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