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Ztechnium starts to understand the new startup solution and business model, we consult on how to dodge challenges and maneuver obstacles. Once we have formed an initial model, we continue researching and brainstorming your company purpose and features going to be produced, the priority of each feature, to generate an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) model, MVP is only viable features that need to be developed to launch a workable website and mobile apps for market testing. Our analysis usually includes all websites and mobile apps use cases & scenarios to make sure all features are covered to be developed in an integrated way.

Technical due diligence is the process of assessing the technology and related aspects of a company, including its products, software, product roadmap, product differentiators, systems, and practices, Ztechnium helps the potential buyer or investors to get an accurate view of a company’s true value and potential for growth and risks, taking into account factors like product differentiators, competitors, protections on intellectual property, market forces, risks from use of third-party software, technological processes, and more.

Ztechnium helps Startups to operate in a high-pressure environment and meet their stakeholders' expectations related to software development. We know how to maximize a limited budget and meet deadlines as you’re working on new features and opening new software-related initiatives. Our team of developers supports your idea to launch your business under any conditions successfully.

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