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Read To Lead

Read To Lad is an online store that offers Books in packages, Empower the specialists and executives with the knowledge they need to develop themselves - the knowledge offered in 6 Packages of Books in 6 Various fields (Growth & Start-Up - Leadership - Marketing - Sales - Human Resources - Money & Economy).

Readtolead wanted to have a development partner who truly understands their goals and the same business values, so the culture-first approach was a very important factor in our cooperation. We're integrated with the readtolead team to help maintain and develop the iOS and Android apps and support their growth. The scope of our cooperation with readtlead includes UI/UX design and software development. All the work is done in sprints following the Agile methodology. Each sprint we book a time to work on new ideas and tactics. for the users.

  • Establishing long-term partnership for app's progress.

  • Completely ready-to-use platform and successful app verification.

  • Developing an app using UI/UX and growing a high-quality development.

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